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Tactile Textile Tours are expanding to
Creative Arts Safaris.

Our tours are changing a bit as well- all the old hands on content,
more interesting places to stay, excellent dining experiences and
costed to be all inclusive [exc
ept your shopping that is!]

Tours are
* art, crafts, textile and culture based with a hands-on, get out and about type attitude.

*We like to pack a lot into our adventures but also give us time to breathe and soak up all with have
seen and we have organized items and  moments to suit ourselves. If you ever feel
at a loose end I have a million other suggestions of things to see and do- just ask.

* We look for atmospheric places to stay [off the beaten tourists trails where we can]
- good, clean bathrooms, friendly service and comfortable rooms.
Interesting, arty neighbourhoods are my favourite in Europe and UK, Heritage places in India.

*groups no larger than 14 participants- These trips are not traditional package tours, rather it is
hoped we can travel as a group of friends;
Everything is organized for us, we all share our observations and knowledge along the way.
[any info you pick up in preparation is easy to share with the group via the internet in the lead-up to
our trip and helps you 'meet' the others too]

*very interesting, friendly and a lot of fun! Participants have told us this and this has been our
experience as well.
I believe learning should be a lifelong undertaking;

-having the opportunity to visit other cultures and learn of little of their ways leads to a
greater understanding of our place in the world.

-artistically speaking…looking at art, architecture, design  and everything in between
and having the chance to discuss it with like minded people increases our ability to
‘see’ what’s there and learn form it. This leads to a greater appreciation of textiles,
art and culture [and life in general!] and can help us grow in our own creative

-the chance to experience  workshops expands our own repertoire of skills, we
develop new understandings and insight to our own work.
I have found through some of the exchanges I have been lucky enough to have with
other artists and artisans, many new ideas for my own work even when what I was
learning did not have a direct relationship to the way I produce work.

-I hope these experiences have a similar effect for wishes Fiona

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This is the website of Fiona Wright- all work shown on this site is original.
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happy for you to use images of my work if I am acknowledged as their originator [and do
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