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I must admit it feels a bit weird doing this...I know others like to know though,
so here are a few- thank you for your kind thought guys.


Together with  Parveen, her Indian tour associate, Fiona Wright shares her joy,
understanding and respect of the Indian artisans and people of Rajasthan.  The tour
was well organised, comfortable and enriching.  A taste of the visual, oral and aural
abundance that is India.  The workshop in Udaipur enabled me to fully appreciate the
skill of Indian tie dye, block printing and embroidery skills thanks to the patience of Mr
Yaqob and his family.   From the past riches of the forts and palaces to the  camel ride
in the quiet desert, the orphanage at Pushkar and the glimpses into a variety of
spiritual practices.   I returned to Australia mesmerised, fascinated and just a little sad
that it was all over so quickly.  I highly recommend this tour."

Jacky Talbot, 2007 Sydney Australia

I arrived in India feeling quite nervous after receiving so many warnings prior to leaving
home.  Fortunately Fiona provided plenty of practical advice and after a short time I
relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed my tour.  I found most of the people we met friendly and
helpful, pleased to show us their country.  In particular, the craftspeople enjoyed
showing their skills and teaching some to us. The drivers were helpful and friendly.
I saw so many fascinating places, people and things. They have given me so many
ideas for projects it will keep me busy for years. I loved the cooking lessons and am
hooked on Indian food.  I'm planning cheesemaking lessons so I can make my
favourite, palak paneer. What a great trip!  C. Cox, Newcastle.

Thanks again for the inspiring workshop. My pieces that I have created using your technique
are getting rave responses. I am Canada now designing wardrobe for a feature film so am not
felting at the moment...
All the best to you.
Morganne 2007 California

Tanya  16.9.07
Hey Fiona

I finished my piece and am in love with it.  Will send a pics in a couple of days.  I had the best
time at your workshop and learned so much from you.  But I think the nicest thing was making
new friends and working with a great bunch of people.  I love being around other people who
have a similar passion to me.  I ran into Heather (Feltwest President) and happended to be
holding my 'outback mountain' scene.  She loved it and was looking forward to seeing it when it
was finished.  This inspired me to get it done and with a day and a half of hard work on the
machine, I had free motion stitched the whole thing.  The back looks great with all the colour
on the black.  I am so happy with it, but don't quite know if it needs something more.  Maybe a
boab tree in the foreground......I would like your opinion when you see it.  

Anyway I am also going to my first contemporary quilt group meeting with QAWA and will take it
along and see what thoughts I can get.  I am thinking that working with Feltwest and this other
group, it will give me the right sort of people to hang out with.  I truly hope that you come back
again next year and do something with us again, I will be proposing that to Feltwest.  I love
your work, your style and just you as a person.  You honestly ROCK Fiona and I am so glad to
have met up with you.  Also I am looking forward to having Taj off the boob so I can travel to

Hope your week is going well and will send pics soon.

Best wishes......Tanya

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