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Some of these pics are ancient so please excuse the quality,
they are just to give an overview of my work.

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"Nearing Dawn", 1999
a very old image, I'm afraid and a bit
shown  -‘Progressions- Art Quilt
Exhibition,   Toowoomba Regional
'Soulscapes: Waiting'  2000
shown ‘ Expressions 2000- Wool Art
Prize’ National Wool Museum, Geelong.
'Desert, Mountain, Reef' 2000
shown 2001 ‘26th Alice Craft
Acquisition  Prize’  Territory Craft, Alice

The idea for this piece arose from a
drawing experience I had with my class,
they were most impressed to see it later
become a felt.
'Soulscapes: Fertile Valleys.'  2002   
shown ‘re-fabricating our indigenous
spirit,‘ Braemar Gallery, Springwood,
'...the in breath binds,
and the out unwinds,...'

shown ‘Expressions 2002- the Wool
Quilt Prize’  National Wool Museum,
Geelong, Vic.  and selected to be used on
promotional material for ‘Expressions
2002- the Wool Quilt Prize’