subtle memories/ vivid impressions
After much work and a great  deal of angst I found that simple was best to express the
impressions I had gathered.

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Subtle memories/
vivid impressions

Travel to far away places, even
just down the street leaves us with
impressions gathered, memories

These little glimpses remind us of
where we have been, and more
importantly who we are.

These works are the accumulations
of memories and impressions of two
very special journeys to Far West
NSW and Rajasthan, India.
Fiona Wright

Gresford, NSW,

Fiona Wright is a dreamer…since
a young age she has dreamed of far
away places.

Through her art, through teaching
in the Steiner/ Waldorf system,
through travel and now through
teaching art and textile based
workshops to adults she has been
able to travel to many places…and
dream of yet more.

She has come to realise that
‘there’ is only ‘here’ in another
location and they are all good
places to be.
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A view of the gallery - looking at the
Australian wall [right]

Below- one of the pieces that make up
the Indian wall- 'Ranakpur- Marble
Mutawintji Petroglyphs

below the wall on the Indian side of

I wanted a series or installations of little
memories or postcards, comparing and
connecting the two places.