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A little bit of background info and pics relating to some
of the things I will have for sale.

See below for info on Indigo Dyeing in India and

My hand-dyes silks...the verandah back in Australia
and on the up-stairs balcony in the old hotel I now call
home in Pushkar India
The shop name is Glitz and Pieces
or glitzandpieces if you are searching for it.

This is the link to my 'shop' on Etsy
Embroidered and Beaded Bits can be used
to Decorate your Elelphant....or your clothes
and other textile ventures.
Amongst the paint Elephant-ji had many of these
embroidered medalions and bitz stuck on his
Indigo Dyeing in India

Fabric is stretched, a Dhabu or
mud print is printed as a resist,
[not an easy as it looks to get even
results as some of our tour
participants found out!]

first immersion in the indgo vat,
it is carefully, slowly lowered in
trying not to trap an air in as that
exhausts the vat...

taken out and give a few minutes to
rest, re folded and lowered in again,
a light shade is acheived after 3 or
4 immersions a darker shade with
us to 6 or 8 immersions.

In India Indigo is often combined
with later over prints of iron black
and natural red to get a variety of

For more variety sometimes the
mud work is done onto an already
coloured ground, such as this
tourquoise cloth.
Indigo Dyeing in Vietnam

Samples seen at a road side
stall- the backing fabric, almost
black is acheived by repeated
dips in the Indigo vat.
The backing fabric is a ramie
made by hand from stripping
this plant to make fibre, twined
together, woven and then dyed
upto 30 times over a month in
the Indigo Vat.

Below left,
Red Tzou embroidery onto the
Indigo dyed ramie,

Below Right
Black H'Mong vest with
embroidered collar [ I am lucky
enough to be custodian of this
piece now]
after dyeing the Indigo
impregnated cloth is burnished
to acheive this wonderful
metallic shine.

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