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Gresford, Australia,                                                      Pushkar, Rajasthan, India
phone +61 [0] 2 49 389 410                                                  +91 [0] 97 17 662 332 To share info about textile and travel                                       
This is the website of Fiona Wright- all work shown on this site is original.
I am happy for you to use the info [images and other  information] for your personal use,
happy for you to use images of my work if I am acknowledged as their originator [and do
pop me an email you are doing this].
My work, tour itineraries and etc may not be utilized for commercial purposes. I retain full
intellectual property rights. ~thanks.

Work has continued at a phenominal pace....not much for a
gallery wall unfortunatley, but that tide is turning...2010 already
has work ready to go up on exhibition so just wait a moment or 2
to see....

What I have been doing....
  • starting a new life in Pushkar India My blog notes some details

A huge amount of work...just coming to fruition and hopefully will  
allow me time to embrace my lovely studio more wholeheartedly
in 2010!!