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The work of last year in a singular/ synthesis was exciting for me, and that
coupled with the stimulation of the opportunity to travel widely during
the year lead to the body of work


This was shown at the Maiden Alley Gallery in Paducah, Kentucky, USA.
10 March to 7 May, 2007, part of the exhibition then showed at the
"Magic Patch Expo" in France.
I was working from memories and impressions to create pieces about the
feeling of places I had visited.

Some pieces are already sold but others are still looking for a home-
email me if you are interested.
Above and right
Earthskins: Hawke's Nest

below, detail
Earthskins: Singapore
Above Earthskins:Skiddow,
Cumbria, England

right Earthskins: Mooney
Left Earthskins: Mutawintji
Earthskins: Ayuthaya,
the Old capital, Thailand