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Indian Dreamings exhibition.

Temple Memories
Gallery view

a series of little morsels- impressions
from Indian.
below is one before framing
a singular / synthesis

Ewart Gallery,
26 Aug-9 Sept, 2006
33 Laurel St, Willoughby, Sydney

Some suggest that art arises from a synthesis and alchemical transformation
of all past influences experienced by the artist. Others contend it originates
as a gift of divine inspiration. Perhaps it is a singular synthesis arising from
these two origins.
This exhibition has arisen from two artists: myself and Jan Clark, our
interests in the natural world, our ongoing artistic dialogue and a journey to
left- gallery view

below- working on the idea of a
traditional Toran we each made panels
based on our personal impressions of India.
This proved to be the most interesting
collaboration as it highlighted our very
different responses to the same location.
left- the beginning of my
Earthskins Series

below- Jan setting her work up