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"Soulscapes: Lightbodies"

130 cm X130cm
I really like this one but sold it before I even
got a chance to photograph it properly.I am
showing it because I was so happy with how
it turned out, it is a new direction to pursue
vigorously just as soon  as I finish my
University work.

this is in America with the "World Quilts
on Tour Exhibition"

I liked the above idea so much I had to
taste it again to think about it and  where
it will go......
Just a sneak preview of work for my next
exhibition "Botannica Exotica"- yet to be
mounted and framed and will be seen at
Eden Gardens Gallery [see calender].
These are all tiny little morsels [ 35X35
cm framed]
The year started off very busy and has not
slowed down since!

"Little Meetings II"
went off to England for the exhibition
"Two by Two" co-ordinated by Dijanne

As did "Earthskins: Gumtree Haze"
Detail of "Little Meetings III"
"Soulscapes: Meander"

shown Ewart Exhibition,
and at the Festival of Quilts in UK
where it received Third place in the
category "Innovative Small"

the detail shows the right colours, because of the rich hues it is sometimes
nearly impossible to get the camera to register is accurately!!
Early morning starts to the day do have some
advantages- the colours and shadows of sunrise are
just wonderful

"Soulscape: Sunrise"
in the 'Across Australia' exhibition off to The
Netherlands, Libya, Egypt and Syria and Australia.
Click here for
comments about the exhibition

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