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These happened very early in the year, after returning from my first trip to
I was trying to find a new way of working with a more subtle use of colour- I
tried moving towards the figurative [ above left ]"Heartscapes: Jodhpur", then
tried to let the colour do the talking [ right[ "Heartscapes: Phasechange".
Then felt like I made a huge break through with "Heartscapes: Jaipur" [ below]
in the way I handled the wool and silk to create the image and surface.
From here on this wool/ silk sandwich
has been the basis of my creative work. I
can achieve a rich painterly effect that is
very satisfying.

This is the technique I share in the
workshop 'Sumptuous Surfaces'
"Soulscapes: GresfordII"

some ideas catch your attention and
you have to try them again and again...
to try and grasp them
"Soulscapes; GresfordIII"

I started to feel I was catching on- this
one received an Honourable Mention at
Quilt Nihon
The detail [ right ] gives a better
indication of the colour.
"Little Meetings"

colour rich and subtle-
doesn't register well on
camera so a bit burnt out
I'm afraid.
After a long drive Out West to  
Lightning Ridge Opal fields I was all fired
up to work

"Earthskins; Namoi River"

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