This is a glimpse of my exhibition work for

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Below is the basis of the  proposal for my Masters of Visual Arts(Textiles) exhibition
and some of the ideas I explored.

This link will take you to what I actually ended up hanging for it
subtle memories/ vivid impressions

Memories, specifically of places visited, form the focus of my work. From my travels
I carry within me a memory of places visited. This memory is an accumulation of
things seen at the location as well as impressions and feelings experienced during
the journey.

In these works I intend to examine memories and landscape; both my memories of
specific places, and also the idea that the impressions of a place can contain  
imprints of memories and events of the past.

Through the use of Postcards or Snapshots we capture fleeting glimpses of our
travels to hold onto and/or to share with others.

I think the exhibition is  evolving into  an installation- many pieces that will add up
to  something like the pages of a journal - detailing many small impressions picked
up along the way.......

What attracted me to juxtaposing these two very different places was the similarity
of experience I found in both.  Through the vast stillness of outback Australia and
amid the bustle of India I found a sense of the special, the sacred in life. There
seemed to be so many similar experiences even though they were sometimes
almost the exact opposite of each other.
Lake Menindee- a silver smear of water in the distance and a sense of profound
peace and stillness.
The very busy Sikh Temple in Delhi with it's sacred Tank [pool] that also has an
aura of peace  and stillness.

It is very hard working in small snatches like this for me- I keep feeling it is leading
up to a big piece but need to finish this project before I can go there...
'Dear Darling,....I, II and III'

Our beautiful Darling River is gasping, has
almost lost itself through drought and trying to
meet the needs of irrigation....
or so it seemed to me . It's plaintive calls could
be heard in the rustle of the leaves of the
ancient Red River Gums.
"Mungo rising I, II and III"

The subtle colour and textural changes
on a clear but very chilly winter's
morning as the sun advances over the
" Jaipur- Moti Dunglhi Marg; Pearl of
the Hills Road"

What a poetic name, even the sound
of the words have a lovely rhythm to
them,like therustle of a sari and the
movement of the patterns on the
border of a lady's sari as she walks
along. All these impressions seem to
roll into one in my memory

the thing about going out west is that
the view is so much bigger than you
can see all at once- it spills out past
the edges of your sight.
"Leaving Mombai"
driving away from Mombai I was struck
by the roll of the Western Ghats, the
bright sparkes of life and the blanket of
the air above. Being Australian I am
not used to the air being made visible
via smog and haze.
"Hillston: winter hopes"

Drought and what to me seemed very
marginal land and yet tucked into the
scrub were these sewn fields of hope....
amazing the care and exactness of the
lines of their sewing

In the quiet of the evening out west in
Australia my eyes were drawn to the
sparkle of the Nature's night sky.
In the quiet of the evening at Tiger
Fort above the hustle and bustle of
Jaipur my eye was drawn to the
sparkle of humanity
so far this is some of the bits that
jumbled onto my studio wall-in the final
installation I will have more space and
will arrange pieces so the images and
their names give a clue to the
impressions I am sharing.