Workshops in

23- 30 August, 2009.

The basis of the workshop will
be an exploration of stitch and colour
to capture  the feel of our lovely
location- handworked sketches of our tropical paradise.
We will try out some simple printing
techniques, look at the expressive use of stitch and explore
incorporating  found objects perhaps or images of them to create
an impression of the place and how we feel in it.
On the 2007 course I had some felt making materials with me so
we tried them out- it proved so popular I have continued to include
it in the course...have a look at the ladies' lovely flowers...

The local market has an amazing selection of 'Hawaiian' fabrics
[ in this case I suppose we should name them Fijian Fabrics!] a
profusion of flowers, palm trees and beach sunsets, some threads
and very good local weaving and tapa...wonderful for poking
around, using to collage into our work, meeting the locals.

The opportunity is there to work very intently or to sit back and
soak up ideas and techniques to finish off when you return home.

The staff at Daku make us feel like family, there are
many extra activities woven into the week [and included
in the price] to let us explore our location, the food is
AND we get to sit, stitch, explore and chat.
Merioni over the Tapa demonstration pointed out that
traditionally when women are involved in women's work,
men have to bring food if they want to interupt...
we liked that idea, so when the husbands and male staff
came for a visit that needed to bring a little something...
lots of laughs as you can imagine.

I must mention the husbands- we were blessed with a
few accompanying their wives and they reported having
a great week...we were busy, so they had time to do
men's stuff [snorkling, golf, books around the pool etc]
and later join us for afternoon activities and dinner, it
worked very well.

This is the 2008 itinerary, 2009 will be similar

Sun June 15, 2008 Fly to Nadi and on to Savusavu.

Mon June 16 9.00 – 12.00 introduction to the week – consider our
materials and  examples of approaches we might take to depict
memories eg pictorial, abstract elements or collaged. We will start to
stitch our first sample .
12.30 Poolside lunch
1.30 Coconut demonstration
Afternoon:  free time for snorkeling, swimming and relaxing, perhaps a
visit to town
7.00 Dinner

Tue June 17        Morning workshop: mono-printing and stamping from
found objects- a way to get pattern and perhaps an image of objects
onto your fabrics.
12.30  lunch
Afternoon: free time.
3.30 – 5.00: tapa making demonstration – which you can join in.[ bring
an apron we are going to get our hands dirty!]
7.00 Dinner

Wed June 18        Morning workshop: discuss and explore colour theory
and your personal colour usage.
12.30 lunch
3.00 visit to beach to collect objects

Thur June 19        Morning visit to pearl producers followed by workshop.
By now we will have seen the tapa making and bought some; same for
the pearls and perhaps a few local fabrics, all of which we will be
incorporating into our pieces.
12.30 Lunch
3.00 – 5.00 Visit to Vivili village; weaving palms with village women;
meke (traditional dance)
5.30 Evening drinks at the Yacht Club and dinner in town.

Fri June 20        Continue individual projects. Discussion on presentation
of pieces, a few tricks for mounting textiles successfully.
12.30 lunch
Free afternoon

Sat June 21        Continue individual projects. Finish with Show and tell.
Final dinner.

Sun June 22        Leave Savusavu. Return to Nadi and on to
Australia/New Zealand.

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