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Contact me.
Kishanpura Rd, Chawandia Village,
near Nayak ki Dhani,
Pushkar, 305022,
Rajasthan, India                           
phone- +91 [0] 9784 77 3749
This is the website of Fiona Wright- all work shown on this site is original.
I am happy for you to use the info [images and other  information] for your personal use,
happy for you to use images of my work if I am acknowledged as their originator [and do
pop me an email you are doing this].
My work, tour itineraries and etc may not be utilized for commercial purposes. I retain full
intellectual property rights. ~thanks.
You've found me!

Welcome, please look around,
Email if you have any questions. If you don't hear from me in 3 days send again, the
email is probably lost in cyberspace.

I now live in Pushkar, Rajasthan,  India.
I am still pursuing my arts practice but must admit my time is taken up with new
projects, related but not directly producing art works.
The Pukka Studio is open and operational.
We would love to welcome your textile group here for workshops and immersion in
local textile and cultural practices, with our background in tourism [
Creative Arts
Safaris is our baby!]  it is no problem to pick you and your group up from New Delhi
Airport, arrange sightseeing and textile experiences on the way, look after you here
and facilitate workshops thentransfer you back to the airport for departures.

Much of my time has been devoted to helping create more work in the local area,  
tourism is down and local people are hurting.
Our business
The Stitching Project will bring income to some of our community- and
create some great work!

My new studio will be big enough to have visitors, so
do visit if you are travelling in
India- I love talking textiles over a cup of chai.
I must admit studio time for me this year is a bit scarce but some new pieces are
emerging as we speak for exhibition in Europe in 2010....keep an eye on the gallery

Thank you for visiting-
Namaste- Fiona
Last up dated- 1 February, 2012
Talks and Showing
our wares...

Saturday 14 –Wed 18 April

at both events I will have a  traders' table full
of delicious Indian stitching
and be previewing our
new range of
Tasty Old Chooks Clothes

I am in Australia mid April 2012 and
September 2012, contact me if you would
like me to give a talk to your group.
Lots of yarns to tell, slides to show and
plenty of interesting textiles to drool over.
Pukka Finds

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